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USA Druzhynnyky Meet With Stepan Duma

USA Druzhynnyky Meet with Stepan Duma 1.22.2011

On January 22, 2011 druzhynnyky from the east coast of the United States met with Stepan Duma, the World Executive's Referent Druzhynnykiv.

Druh Stepan is currently visiting the New York City area, and invited local young druzhynnyky to meet and discuss their future plans in the US, as well as to inform them of the future events and goals of the Svitova Uprava and its Referentura Druzhynnykiv.

Druh Stepan gave details about several projects for druzhynnyky over the next couple of years:

  • The World Druzhynnyk Conference which is to be held during the XVIII World CYM Congress in Palatine, Illinois. At the World Druzhynnyk Conference the following topics are to be discussed:
    1. Creating Styahiv Druzhyn C
    2. Confirming the updated CYM Druzhynnyk handbook
    3. Creating a strategic plan for Druzhynnyky (for the next 5-10 years)
    4. Electing a new Svitova Referentura Druzynnykiv CYM
  • Druzhynnyk World Meeting Druh Stepan notified that the Druzhynnyky worldwide are planning to organize a global event near the end of 2011. The main endeavor for this event is allowing druzhynnyky from different parts of the world to be part of each others events via live streaming through video conferencing on the internet.
  • The IX World Druzhynnyk Zlet is to be held June 8-17, 2012 in Ukraine during the Euro 2012 competitions. The Zlet will take place in two Ukrainian cities, Kyiv and Donetsk. The estimated registration cost is $1500 per person. The World Druzhynnyk Zlet is seen as a perfect opportunity for druzhynnyky from all over the world to meet in one place, socialize and conduct various sessions discussing general organizational work for CYM. It is foreseen that, among other excursions, a trip to Chernobyl will be organized.
  • The X World Druzhynnyk Zlet is foreseen to take place during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Zlet Druzhynnykiv will give druzhynnyky-ratnyky a great opportunity to create new contacts with Ukrainians in South America and engage Ukrainians living in Brazil to establish CYM in their country as well.
Druh Stepan stressed that it is crucial to develop druzhyny CYM in individual countries as well as their oseredky and to create an organizational working plan for Druzhynnyky. It is also a main goal for druzhynnyky to have a vision and set goals. The Referentura Druzhynnykiv in the US would like to thank Druh Stepan for meeting with our druzhynnyky, his dedication to our cause and devoted work towards druzhynnyky world-wide.

Co-Referent Druzhynnykiv Yuriy Symczyk

USA Druzhynnyky Meet with Stepan Duma 1.22.2011
USA Druzhynnyky Meet with Stepan Duma 1.22.2011
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