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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the CYM World Congress?
  The World Congress is CYM's highest legislative organ. In accordance with the by-laws of CYM, the World Executive calls a World Congress every five years.

Where and when will the next World Congress take place?
  The XV World Congress will take place from 16 to 18 November 2001 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

What happens at the World Congress?
  The competencies of the World Congress are to:   2001
  • Hear the reports of the World Organs of CYM, and to honorably discharge the members of these World Organs
  • Approve changes to the by-laws and rulebooks of CYM
  • Elect World Organs of CYM and select the current headquarters of the World Executive
  • Approve CYM program/plans and adopt resolutions
  • Approve the budget of CYM's World Organs
  • Assign responsibilities to and empower World Organs of CYM
  • Name honorary members of CYM as nominated by the World Executive
  • Grant honors and awards as per governing guidelines
  • Hear appeals from members excluded from the organization
  • Bring to light any decision to cease operations of CYM and liquidate its assets

All decisions of the Congress are binding if approved by a margin of at least two thirds (2/3).

Who may participate in the World Congress?
  In accordance with the by-laws, delegates include:
  • Delegates elected either by National Conventions or by Plenary Sessions of National Executives as approved by a National Convention
  • Members of CYM's World Executive, World Auditing Committee, and World Grievances Committee
  • Presidents of National Executives

Delegates are chosen by National Conventions in these numbers: one delegate per 100 members, including Yunatstvo and Sumeniata. An additional delegate is chosen if a group of at least 50 members do not fall into any grouping of 100.

What are some other interesting facts about the Congress?
  • Only in extraordinary circumstances (war) may the requirement of a Congress be fulfilled in the form of a referendum.
  • Resolutions of a World Congress are binding on National Executives, which must announce them as binding to their members and organizational entities.
  • Rules of order governing the World Congress are given by a seperate rulebook which is approved by the Plenum of the World Executive.

What commissions will work during the XV World Congress?
  The following commissions are planned for the XV World Congress (chairpersons are listed for each):
  • By-laws commission (Pavlo Grod)
  • Nominations Commission (Petro Duma)
  • Mandate Verification Commission (Lida Mykytyn)
  • Educational Commission (Nadia Tataryn)
  • Financial and Budget Commission (Volodymyr Szlachetko)
  • Reslutions Commission (Roman Panas)
  • Organizational Commission (Bohdan Harhaj)
  • Publications Commission (Iryna Mycak)
  • CYMnet Commission (Andriy Bihun)

Where can I get more information about hotels, flights, etc.?
  Visit our World Congress Information Center and you'll find everything you need to know!

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