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Results from "Brainstorming" Weekend

On Sunday 13th of April, a few sumivschi gathered at the oselya to put together a plan for the preparation of the oselya for the Krayovy Tabir.
It was decided that we will require a few working bees to have oselya ready for tabir.
  • Flag poles erected (location chosen)
  • Allocation of tent areas and preparation of grounds
  • Painting of flooe in main hall
  • Curtains on dormitories and hall
  • Replace broken tiles in laundry
  • Clean out shed

Fund raising to help with costs for the tabir were discussed and some of the suggestions were:

  • Freddo Chocolate Drive
  • Sunday Luncheon (Mothers day/ Fathers Day)
  • CYM concert
  • Sausage Sizzles

Further fundraising suggestions are welcome and can be emailed by clicking on the Email CYM Perth Icon.

As you can see, we have lots to do, but with everyone's helping hand, we can achieve this.
To see keep an eye on further updates about the Krayovy Tabir, remember to click on the Krayovy Tabir 2003-04 icon.
  This site in Ukrainian

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