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!!Perth to host next Krayovy Tabir!!

Perth has been voted as the next host city for the Australian Krayovy Tabir 2003-04.

As part of Perth's preparation for this tabir, the next monthly meeting, which was to be held on Sunday 20th April, will now be brought forward to the 12th and 13th and will be held at the CYM Oselya on Chidlow.

This weekend will be a 'brainstorming weekend' in which a plan will be put together of what needs to be done to prepare Perth for this occasion. The meeting will be Sunday morning at 10:00am.

If you wish to sleepover at Chidlow, several people will be departing for the CYM oselya on Saturday afternoon and will be spending the night.
There will be pysanky equipment available for children on Saturday night and Sunday. To see keep an eye on further updates about the Krayovy Tabir, remember to click on the Krayovy Tabir 2003-04 icon.

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