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CYM Camp Melbourne 2003-04, what a great success! Prior to camp, many people worked tirelessly on the interesting program and as per usual all those who participated were kept entertained and enthralled with a vast range of activities. Those who attending camp also kept their side of the bargain by partaking and helping out wherever needed. While the cymenyata and ynatsva involved themselves in activities such as singing, dancing and arts and crafts, the parents and dryjunuku helped out in the kitchen and around the grounds. Even the weather kept its promise and stayed hot and sunny every day, which did mean snakes were sighted quite regularly, this kept the campers on their toes. The hot weather also meant regular trips to Marysville Swimming Pools. There were no complaints there! Camp was held under the watchful eye of Commandant Tamara Moravski and her crew, who did a fantastic job.

On Sunday a Fun Run was organised to raise funds for Ivan Havdyda, Deputy Chair of OYH, who was murdered in Ukraine. The money raised was for his children. The entire camp participated in some way making this event an absolutely superb experience. As usual a two day hike was mapped out for the older children. For some it was their first taste of a two day hike. The ‘Razor Back’ did not prove to be a problem, as all hikers returned in one piece. The younger children also ventured out on their night hike to ‘Stevenson’s Falls’, where the waterfall was lit up by night lights, they too returned safely. With all ynatsvo and symenyata back at camp unscathed, it was time for Svyat Vechir. Christmas Carols were sung, a nativity scene acted out and a dance performed. Whilst enjoying the performances, the audience sat and ate the delicious traditional dinner served at svyat vechir.

Next it was time for a New Years Eve Festival. This too was a fun-filled event. The oval was beautifully decorated with fairy lights and pińata’s and both children and adults danced until it was time to count down the seconds before the New Year. The participants at camp were kept amused right up until the final night, where the symanyata and ynatsvo put on a show for their parents. It was filled with singing and dancing. An art show displayed their work was also exhibited.

As is said, ‘all good things must come to an end.’ So after the eighth day of camp it was time to say goodbye. All those who were involved in some way during this camp will agree it was filled with amazing moments and wonderful memories. Melbourne CYM camp 2003-04 is definitely one to remember!

Theresa Romaniw
Press Officer
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