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This site in Ukrainian Junatsvo Hike
During the March long weekend in Victoria, 3 Vyhovnyky (Mark Tkaczuk, Paul Kaminskyj and Steven Tkazcuk)

took 9 chleny junastva Geelong between the ages of 8 and 14, for an overnight hike across the high plains of the Victorian Alps of Falls Creek. A 5.30am Saturday start saw most of junatsvo sleep the majority of the 6hr bus trip and after and early lunch all were eager off walking.

The first two kilometres were up a steady gradient and tested the mettle of most, with junatsvo carrying all their own belongings for the first time.

Middle of the afternoon saw everyone shed their backpacks with relief and start setting up the camp site. Previous hutirky were now put into practise - tents went up quickly, a fire place was set up and wood collected.

Having built up a good sweat, junatsvo went off in search of a swimming hole and it wasn't long before everyone had cooled down in the icy waters of a mountain creek pool.

With dinner finished and a fire lighting up the long dusk, it wasn't long before marshmellows and Ukrainian song were the order of the day.

A final strategy game by a bright starry sky, saw the the junatsvo tucking into their sleeping bags at about 10pm. A good sleep followed by breakfast and junatsvo were ready for another swim (and an opportunity to find one of the billies lost swimming the day before).

Packing up sleeping mats, bags and tents then re-packing backpacks took up the remainder of the morning.

After boiling billies for one last time for an all time favourite walking lunch (instant noodles), it was time for the return walk.

There were a few groans of dismay as junatsvo realised they would have to start the walk with another climb out of the valley....however, once the peak was reached, it was almost a run back to the bus.

The long drive back to Geelong was broken up by a long feed at McDonalds in Glenrowan (it seemed like no one had eaten for a week). It was with weary smiles and a sense of achievement that Daniel and Alex Tkaczuk, Michael and Andrew Kuzyk, Brandon and Rhiannon Kichakov, Ben and Cassandra Lutzko and Riccardo Kobas were dropped off at home last Sunday night.

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