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Yanchep Cockatoo Hike 18/10/2003 19/10/2003
On Saturday 18th October 5 members of the 'Horlychi & Rusalky' group and 3 adults went on a 2 day hike through the Yanchep Cockatoo trail. We met at the starting point at 9.00am and by the time we registered and were given our food packs by Andrij Mandyczewsky and a final check that we had everything we headed off on our trek. Just after we started the walk trail through the bush we spotted a Joey and itís mother and along the track there were all the different wildflowers that are out at the moment. We walked for 50 minutes and then it was time to stop for a 10 minute break, most of the kids went through there packs and then the swapping of food rasionís started, then we continued until it was time to find a shady spot for lunch on the track. After lunch which was lovely tuna and crackers we headed to our shelter for the night. On arrival we were the only group at the shelter but the girls wanted to sleep in a tent, so they helped to put up the tent, then they went exploring through the bush. At the campsite we had a baby Gego, which seemed quite contented making himself welcomed on the ground near our food table, and he would bury half of his body in the ground and every so often you had to remember that he was there or someone would scream and yell out to you watch out for it. At night we had noodles for tea and later that night while the campfire was going the kids had toasted marshmallows and then they went to sleep in there tent, which they pitched up a few yards from the shelter, it seemed a good idea during the day, but once it got dark they were a bit scared, but they braved it.

On Sunday morning while we were having our breakfast of hot oats, we saw a green parachute flying in the distance, and then it flew over our shelter and the motor made quite a bit of noise, but it was interesting to see that in the middle of the bush. Once we were ready we started the walk back to the starting point of the hike, and Olanka was the leader. She set a roaring pace trying to get out of the bush as soon as possible, as they were a bit concerned that they would come across a snake. We told them to sing a song to keep their minds off them, so Louise started singing Slim Dustyís song, Love to have a drink with Duncan, she changed some of the names using the girls names in the group. After walking for 50 minutes, we stopped for a break and then it was Mikayla who was the leader and she walked right past a Bob tail lizard, and did not see it, but the otherís got a bit of a fright at first but then stopped to look at it, then later on a bird suddenly fluttered out of some trees and that gave us a startle as well. Mikayla said later on that she was certain that she saw the tail end of a snake as it slithered into the bush, and only mentioned it in passing to Olanka and good of them not to make a big deal of it, so as not to scare the others. We finished our 17 and a half km hike which was suppose to be 8 hours there and back, but we seemed to have done it in 3 hours there and 3 and a half hours back to the starting point. We ended up having lunch on the grounds of Yanchep Inn and were a can of tuna and all that was left in our packs.

Thank you to all the girls who came on the hike, and especially to Kasiana our most youngest member as this was her first overnight hike, and she did very well on the hike, carrying her own backpack. Thank you to Andrij Mandyczewsky who organized the hike and also putting the food packs together, also Erica and Dorica for supporting Andrij with the group on the hike.

By the way, next time you go hiking please remember to leave all ticks in the bush, some of us like Taisa,Mikayla and Dorica brought some home with them.

To see the hike click here.
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