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This site in Ukrainian The Roving Reporter: What they said about Zlet 1999!

Holding my breath... Waiting til the last second… Looks like the competition with Passaic is very close this year… Very pleased with the way it was run - good job, Oseredok New York!
- Orest Kozicky
Holova, Yonkers Oseredok

Very happy with the attendance and sportsmanship. I think that if our Passaic Oseredok continues to work hard, we'll again get 1st Place at Zlet and hold onto it for quite a few years!
- Petro Kosciolek
Bylavnyj, Passaic

I was really impressed with how cooperative everyone was - sportsmanship was definitely there, people cheered kids from not only their own Oseredok, and worked well together...
- Julie Holowka-Pryjmak
New York

Tato, I won five medals!
- Dianna W.

Luck was with us and the weather was beautiful. The children were delighted - even though there were few of us from Irvington, we competed entusiastically and we have medal winners among us!
- Mykhailo Szpyhulsky

One of the best run Zlet's I ever attended. I only hope Yonkers can do half the job that New York did when it's our turn. Cheers to Yuriy Mykytyn [Komandant of Zlet]!
- Andrij Burchak

Look at our children!
- Oksana Charuk-Bodnar
New York

I would never have thought that Ukrainians in America regard their nation, Ukraine, so highly. I am impressed and moved by this...
- Mykhailo Bihun
Nyzhnyj Strutyn, Ukraine

This year, for the first time, they posted the results of events on these big bulletin boards, rather than waiting for closing cereminies. I think it was a great idea! People really appreciate having the information and it makes things run smoother.
- Anonymous

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