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This site in Ukrainian Summer Camp 1999 - Sydney, Australia
"Sumivtsi at the Dawn of a New Millennium"

Families began arriving at the CYM campground Hoverlia on the river Colo, a one hour drive from Sydney, on 25 December 1999.

The opening ceremonies of this year's athletic/recreational camp took place on 26 December 1999 following a Divine Liturgy served by Rev. Oleh Stefanyshen. Vasyl Senko, President of the Sydney branch of the Ukrainian Youth Association of Australia, then officially handed over control of the camp to podruha Darka Senko and her young staff.

In comparison to previous years, this camp was short. Nevertheless, a friendly and jovial atmosphere prevailed. The high point was a bonfire on New Year's Eve, at which the campers were some of the first Ukrainians to greet the new Millennium.

During the closing ceremonies on 1 January 2000 podruha Senko thanked the campers and the staff alike for helping make the camp a success.
camp staff
Camp Staff
Back Row (L to R): Petro Perih - Intendant, Natalka Wowk - Holovna Vykhovnytsia, Larysa Flunt - Kuschova, Danylo Ostrowsky - Kurinnyi, Matthew Vovk - zastupnyk Sportovoho, Mykhailo Trotnar - Oboznyi.
Front Row (L to R): Justin Semciw - Bunchuzhnyi, Natalka Ostrowsky - Sportovyi Referent, Lesia Wowk - Referent Druzhynnykiv, Katia Ostrowsky - Pysar, Oksana Hamaniuk - Kurinna, Stepan Duma - Kuschovyi, Darka Senko - Komandant.
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