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Cleveland CYM Member Shines!

Cleveland, Ohio, US -- Larissa Paschyn, 14, was among 40 finalists chosen from science fairs across the nation to compete in the Youth Science Challenge in Washington, D.C which was held from 14-16 October 1999. Currently a 9th grade student at Parma Senior High School, she presented a project on wetlands that she began as an 8th grader at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral School in Parma, Ohio. She placed 10th in the Washington competition.

In addition, contestants were asked to submit their ideas of a "dream science trip". In her essay, Larissa expressed the desire to go on an archaeological dig in the Trypillia region of Ukraine. The judges awarded Larissa with her dream trip. The Travel Channel will sponsor her trip to Trypillia next summer. Also, Larissa won a $1000 scholarship from Discovery Communications for her project. Cleveland CYM is very proud of this sumivka.

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