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The Emergency Medical Aid for Ukraine (EMAU), under the auspices of the Ukrainian American Youth Association, has initiated a new, vital project in its attempt to aid Ukraine in areas of medicine. For the past seven years, EMAU has been successful in initiating and completing several major medical projects, supplying not only necessary equipment (costs equaling several million dollars), but also the necessary ongoing medical support. EMAU has been successful in integrating doctors and nurses from American hospitals to volunteer their time to travel with the new medical equipment to Ukraine and pass their knowledge on to the medical staff in Ukraine. The support system, along with the medical equipment, has substantially upgraded the medical institutions throughout Ukraine and has positively altered the lives of many ill Ukrainians. Group Photo

EMAU has initiated a new project called Project Lifeline: Pediatric Dialysis. This aim of this project is to establish and support a pediatric dialysis unit in the Lviv Oblast. Currently only one such dialysis unit exists, in Kyiv. This project will be cosponsored by the Lviv Oblast Special Pediatric Hospital. EMAU has had an excellent relationship with the hospital in the past, and find the staff exceptionally competent, caring, honest and eager to work with EMAU to provide the children of Ukraine with good medical attention.

With the financial support of generous individual donors and corporate donations from Baxter Corporation, this project can been successfully implemented. All donations (100%) are applied toward the purchase of medical equipment. Any administrative, traveling costs, and other non-medical related costs are paid by the coordinators and volunteers personally.

Any donations, questions or comments can be referred to the coordinators of EMAU:

Roman & Hania Dashawetz
EMAU-Medical Relief Fund
22 West Split Rock Drive
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Please help save the lives of the children living in Ukraine by contributing to this project!   This site in Ukrainian

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