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This site in Ukrainian "Krylati" Gets a New Editor

The CYM World Executive, at its October, 1999 meeting in Toronto, Canada, approved Svitlana Verbova as the new Editor-in-Chief of CYM's youth magazine "Krylati". Svitlana Verbova

Svitlana Verbova was responsible for the latest three issues of "Krylati", in late 1999. Copies of these issues may be obtained through the National Board in your country, or at your local Oseredok.

Svitlana currently lives in the city of Kyiv, has a background in Pedagogy and Psychiatry, and was a long time teacher of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine, as well as School Psychiatrist.

She has been an educator/counselor in CYM in the city of Bobrynets, in Central Ukraine, currently works with adult CYM members in Kyiv, and is responsible editorially and technically for "Krylati".

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