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This site in Ukrainian Football!!! CYM Football Tournament
For CYM Youths ages 6-17

WHEN? Sunday, 4 July 1999, during the 49th Gathering of Ukrainians in America. Begins after Mass and laying of wreaths at Memorial to Heroes on Sunday morning.

WHERE? At CYM's resort in Ellenville, New York

REGISTRATION: Fill out the registration form (in Ukrainian) and send or fax before 21 June 1999. Cost of registration is $5 per player. This includes a lunch and drink ticket for the outdoor grill.


  • Each team is required to play in matching shirts/jerseys.
  • Teams are mixed - girls and boys. There must be at least 3 girls on the field at all times for the younger divisions (ages 6-12) and at least 2 girls on the field at all times for the age 13-17 division.
  • Every player must be an active member of his/her local CYM Branch.
  • A CYM Branch may have multiple teams in a given division (e.g. Teams "A" and "B")
  • No player may play on more than one team.
  • In order to take part in the tournament, each player is required to participate in Mass in CYM uniform on Sunday morning,followed by the solemn wreath-laying ceremony. Each team in full is required to report to the Old Komanda building before the start of Mass.


Age GroupNumber of Players
on the field
6 - 98
10 - 127
13 - 176

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