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Wira Hajdamacha
Wira Hajdamacha
President, World Executive

CYM's World Executive gathered on 29-31 October 1999 in Toronto, Canada at a meeting that brought together national heads of CYM from Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine and the United States.

The three-day proceedings included reports from each of the heads of National Executives, various organs of the World Executive, as well as a full agenda including the planning of work and events up to and including the year 2001.

Among other notable decisions of the World Eecutive was the approval of a new Editorial Board and Editor-in-Chief of "Krylati", which will be based in Ukraine, the presentation of projects including the planned International Zlet in 2001, the CYM World Congress in 2001, and a new branch of activity, the CYMnet Project.

In addition to the formal working sessions, the participants of the Toronto meeting took part in Sunday morning Liturgy, had opportunities to exchange ideas and knowledge, and find new ways to work jointly on common projects!

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