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This site in Ukrainian World Conference of Educational Council Directors
by Nadia Tataryn

Educational Council Directors from around the world traveled to Toronto, Canada to participate in a Conference from 27-29 October, 1999.

The Conference provided Educational Council Directors the opportunity to share information regarding their work with CYM youth in thier respective countries. Conference proceedings were led by Nadia Tataryn, the World Executive's Youth Council Director. Representing their countries were the following Council members: Toronto, 29.10.1999

- Halya Derkatch,
     Pgm. Director, Ukraine
- Lesja Holfoth,
     Assistant Pgm. Director, Germany
- Genia Mandzij,
     Pgm. Director, Great Brittain
- Tatiana Zachariak,
     Pgm. Director, Australia
- Irene Jendzjowsky
     Pgm. Director, Canada
- Marianna Znak
     Co-Pgm. Director, USA

Also in attendance were Wira Hajdamacha, President, CYM World Executive; Ihor Symchych, President, CYM Ukraine; Peter Duma, President, CYM Astralia; Andriy Bihun, Chairman, CYMnet Committee.

The participants reported on past and ongoing educational activities in thier respective countries, discussed a wide agenda of topics, and took advantage of an opportunity to share experiences, ideas and knowledge about a number of areas in education.
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