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As you have already read on these pages, CYM is being organized in Brazil. Good news continues to come in.

On 1 May of this year a rii of molodshe yunatstvo began their weekly meetings (skhodyny) in Curitiba. Their program covers lectures, singing, athletics, excursions and other activities. The rii, under the direction of Ivan Kindra, consists of Ivan and Tailane Barchyshyn-Shrydyr and Oksana, Oles and Yurii Kindra.

Choral Ensemble Under the leadership of Ivan Kindra the CYM Choral Ensemble was formed in Curitiba. The ensemble, comprised of 13 druzhynnyky, rehearse weekly. Their first performance, covering 9 songs, was Saturday, 10 July at a celebration of the 52nd Anniversary of the Society of Friends of Ukrainian Culture (SFUC) in Curitiba. Following this successful performance even more members of the community were interested in joining this choir. Their next performance, on Sunday, 15 August, was at a luncheon hosted by the Eparchial Youth Committee of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Their best performance to date was during a celebration in Curitiba's well-known "Ukrainian Park" to mark the 8th anniversary of Ukraine's independence.

Photo - Members of the Choral Ensemble after their performance at the SFUC anniversary celebration.
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