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Curitiba, Brazil - At the request of Ivan Kindra, Mykhailo Hrynchyshyn and others to renew the activities of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Brazil, the World Executive of CYM at its Plenarry Session in Toronto, Canada on 27-29 November 1998 commissioned Yuriy Nakonechnyj, Chariman of the CYM's National Executive in the United States, to travel to Brazil and review the situation.

CYM in Brazil On 26 March 1999 at 8 p.m. a meeting of the Ukrainian community of Curitiba took place at the building of the Society of Supporters of Ukrainian Culture, whose head is Yaroslav Hrebinnyk. Present at this gathering were Eparch Yefrem Kryvyj of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Brazil, and the Bishop Jeremia Ferents of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as well as youths and parents, totaling 30 attendees in all. During the meeting Y. Nakonechnyj related to those gathered the history of the Ukrainian Youth Association, as well as its organizational structure and educational system, which are used in the 9 countries where CYM exists today. The session was followed by discussions and a question and answer period, after which it was decided to form an Organizing Committee.

On Saturday 27 March 1999 at a separate meeting of key individuals, a suggestion was made to add to the Committee's membership individuals from the neighboring city of Ponta Grossa. Additionally, a training seminar for organizors and future councilors was held on this day.

On Sunday 28 March 1999 the Organizing Committee was officially formed in Curitiba, consisting of the following members:

Ivan Kindra - Chairman
Mykhaylo Hrynchyshyn - 1st Vice-Chair and Organizing Chair
Israel Kravets - 1nd Vice-Chair and Financial-Operational Chair
Nyjva Kadlubitska - Secretary
Yaroslav Hrebinnyk - Member
Julia Kadlubitska Kindra - Member
Josaphat Koltun - Member

The Organizing Committee set as its objectives the organization of Branches (Oseredky), Youth branches (Viddily), and membership; establishment of a Constitution of Bylaws for CYM in Brazil; and setting in motion the appropriate legal processes for establishing the organization in Brazil. A high priority will be to begin regular meetings with youth/membership in the Curitiba and Ponta Grossa Branches, and complete preparations for a Founding Convention.
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