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CYMnet welcomes the Barrack 10 Boys from Ellenville's 1999 Vyshkil'nyj Tabir (Counselor Training Camp), and congratulates them on their first music video! Filmed at CYM's Ellenville, New York estate under the direction of Osyp Lebedovych, the song featured in the video is a Ukrainian language adaptation of a popular tune.

Ready to watch the Music Video?
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Note: To view the video, you'll need the RealMedia Player.

Who are the Barrack 10 Boys? They are a group of young CYM members who got together during Counselor Training Camp to show us their musical talent - both in composition and in performance. They are:

  • Volodymyr Wyrsta
  • Evhen Kyj
  • Stephen Ros
  • Gregory Lebedowych
  • Mark Krutiak

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