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This site in Ukrainian And the Winners For the Year 2000 Are…

Have you been to the CYM Art Gallery on the For Sumivtsi Only pages? The works hanging in our Gallery consist of art contest submissions from yuntatsvto in various parts of the world. With the year 2000 having come to an end, we've selected the Art Contest 2000 winners!
    As you can see from the masterpieces that were sent our way, all the participants are obviously very gifted artists -- it was very difficult to pick a single winner…
    So, after much deliberation, the judges have selected a winning submission in each of 4 age groups. These were chosen based on technical, creative, compositional and aesthetic skill levels with consideration to the age of the artist. And the winners are:

    Congratulations to all! An official winner's Certificate is on its way to each of you!
    Still haven't seen these artists' works? Visit our CYM Art Gallery now! This is a yearlong and yearly contest, so if you would like to participate (or know someone who would), please send us your submission, or write us with any questions. Good luck to all participants in Art Conest 2001!
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